Wake Up is a MINDSET! It's about 5 a.m. mornings where your first thought is your customer. 

Based in Pueblo, Colorado, we began servicing local businesses in the midst of Covid-19. In a new normal, where billboards fell on silent streets and the digital wave diminished the returns of print, we recruited the best content creators in and out of town to deliver daily content for every industry from banking to paintball. After Undercover Billionaire concluded, we have provided jobs to college students and freelancers ready to join our family and your team. 

A 10X Story...

If a man with no resume, a vague history, and no references walked into your gym asking for work, what would you do? If you're Matt Smith, you take a risk...

Little did Matt know this would snowball into a full-fledged marketing agency. Within 90 days, the mysterious man named Louis Curtis helped a team of local creators and marketers build Wake Up Pueblo, taking us 10X before knowing what "10X" really meant. 

In the end, Louis confessed that he is the millionaire Sales and Marketing Mogul Grant Cardone and he was brought to Pueblo for Discovery Channel's season 2 of Undercover Billionaire. 

Tune in on Discovery Channel every Wednesday at 6 pm MST, to watch it all unfold and then head back here or to any of our social media platforms for the Undercover Billionaire Aftershow with exclusive insight from Matt Smith and the locals who interacted with "Louis Curtis".

What we do for You.

At Wake Up, Pueblo we help create daily content for every major social media platform, creating your omnipresence. Most social media management entails only graphics but we take it a step further by offering everything from video to podcasts. We take on the monster of posting daily while also providing you guides to amplify the results of consistent content. 


The core of our marketing strategy is about creating value for your customer base to create meaningful relationships. NO ONE wakes up in the morning looking to be sold, but everyone wakes up in the morning wanting to be entertained and informed. That's where we come in!