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The Full Story


The lessons we learned from the relentless grind and struggle that followed once the cameras were turned off have become our secret road map to building wealth and creating a lasting impact.


One of the most profound and painful lessons we learned was that nobody was coming to save us. It took time for this truth to sink in, but it ignited an unstoppable fire within us. We realized that our success depended solely on our unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of our goals.


What most people don't know is that the show we were a part of never fully aired on Discovery Channel as promised. At the end of production we were promised a wave of attention, support  and prospective clients, but instead, we discovered that multiple seasons were being combined into one. The unmet promises piled up, leaving us undercapitalized, over-staffed and struggling to learn a new business while solving our clients' business development problems.


Now, armed with the knowledge and experience gained from overcoming countless obstacles, we want to share our secrets with you. We want to equip you with the tools and strategies that can transform your business and propel you towards unbelievable success.


We have heard from people all around the world how our story has inspired them to bet on themselves and take the leap of faith towards entrepreneurship. 


There are 3 foundational pillars we have discovered that are REQUIRED to create massive momentum and scale a business quickly. Believe it or not, we learned these 3 principles after Grant aka Louis left Pueblo. Grant taught us to take massive action and be decisive which is critical to building momentum in both life and business. However, sustained success requires a different approach.


In the years since the conclusion of the show, we have hosted dynamic live events, built mastermind groups that have led significant transformation, scaled our business, launched a nationwide franchise, developed a licensee program and have built brands all over the country through content marketing. 

Lets schedule a call to find out how we can strategically helpy you achieve your goals!

We are not currently taking on clients but we will be in touch as soon as we are, thank you!

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