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Hi, I am Ben Cason

The Podcast Director at Wake Up Pueblo, you may know us from Discovery Channels Undercover Billionaire with Grant Cardone! Through the training of the 10X team we have created over a dozen podcast shows and scaled their social media presence with strategic planning, professional equipment, and an expert team of graphic designers, videographers, and social media specialists! If you want to scale your show or get started we have a plan for you! No equipment needed, no experience neccesary.


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Connect with your audience on a deeper level

With Podcast you are able to connect with your audience in a more personal way than social media, which increases brand loyalty. When people are loyal to you they will support any business or organization you are involved in! 

Did you know that the American average for podcast listeners is 55% of the entire population! And the other half is on social media, and podcast content is some of the best in the algorithm! Also a great way to monetize donations and or sponsorship advertising in your episode. Another great reason to have a podcast is for Podcast Networking, the podcast community is huge and once your in It you have the ability to be featured on other shows and have big people on yours! One of my clients even landed the Podcast King Gary Vee on his show...with Podcast the sky is the limit!

No matter your budget. No matter your needs, we have you covered!

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3 reasons why you should podcast

Gary Vee says you should start a podcast yesterday!

This video goes back to one of Gary's oldest analogies of the "high school party rule". This rule is the idea that if you create a space for people the come to that is interesting, they are more likely and inclined to participate. This is why it is so important that every business starts building a podcast brand or something similar to that. As it grows people will become more and more interested in it and want to be on the podcast which will leave you with all the leverage. Podcasts and brand are becoming extremely important as the internet kills the middle man and levels the playing field so get on it and start building your podcast TODAY!

Can you make money with a podcast show?

Podcast monetization is a little different from YouTube, and this video will explain how podcast CPMs and networks function- as well as what equipment to use to get started.

What is a podcast any way?

Podcasts are a growing business. One study estimates that podcasting revenue is expected to reach $1 billion by 2020, yet, it seems like everybody already has a podcast. In this episode of The Big Picture, reporter Ashley Carman explains why podcasting has grown so quickly and why everyone has a podcast now.