Smart Changes You Can Make Today to Make 2022 Your Best Year Yet

You're here because you want to make the best possible year of your life. Well that starts today!

Research has shown that goal setting is one of the most important factors in achieving success, and this post will help you get started with goal setting for 2022. In this article we will cover 10 steps to set yourself up for a great year, and goal-setting is just the beginning. By the end of this post, you will be able to set specific goals for your life and work towards achieving them.

Step One: Set SMART Goals

One of the most important things you can do for goal setting is to make sure your goals are SMART. This acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. By making sure your goals fit this criteria, you will increase your chances of achieving them.

For example, a goal to "lose weight" is not specific, measurable or time-bound. However, a goal to "lose two pounds in the next month" is all of those things. A goal to "save money" is also not specific, measurable or time-bound. But, a goal to "save $500 by the end of summer" is all three.

You can also make your goals more specific and measurable by adding numbers or dates to them, like we did in our examples above.

Your goal should be: Specific (who, what, where, when), Measurable (how much or how many), Achievable (can you really do this?), Relevant (does this goal matter to you?), and Time-bound (when do you want to achieve it by?).

Step Two: Adjust Goal Timelines Based on Progress

One of the things that make goal setting so difficult is our tendency to set unrealistic timelines for ourselves. We want to achieve our goal immediately, and if we don't see results right away, we give up. This is why it's important to adjust your goal timelines based on your progress.

If you're finding that you're not making as much progress as you'd like, then adjust your goal timeline accordingly. But be careful not to set yourself back either. Adjust your goal timeline in small increments so you don't get discouraged and give up on goal setting altogether.

Step Three: Build a Support Network & Create Accountability

Nobody can achieve success on their own, whether it's goal achievement or achieving any other goal in life. We all need support from others to help us succeed, which is why goal setting with a support network is so important.

Just like goal timelines, it's crucial to create accountability for your goals as well. This means that you need to hold yourself accountable for what you want to achieve and be able to track your progress along the way.

Some great ways of creating accountability are sharing your goal with friends or family members, writing down your goal and putting it somewhere you will see it often (like on the fridge), or even joining a support group.

Step Four: Avoid Goal Setting Traps

While goal setting can be one of the most helpful things in life, some people are actually more likely to fail when they set goals for themselves! This is because goal setting can easily trap us in unhelpful habits.

Some of the most common goal traps are perfectionism, comparing yourself to others, and rushing through goal planning so you don't get distracted by anything else. But there's also plenty more goal-setting traps out there that people fall into every day! To avoid these goal pitfalls, be sure to:

- Check in with your goal regularly

- Celebrate your successes

- Give yourself permission to make mistakes

Step Five: Celebrate Your Successes!

One of the best things about goal setting is celebrating your successes along the way. This can be something as simple as taking a few minutes each day to reflect on your progress.

But it's also important to take the time to celebrate your successes in a more meaningful way. This could mean throwing a party, taking a vacation, or doing something else that you've always wanted to do.

The key is to find a way to celebrate your success that feels authentic and special to you.

So there you have it! These are the five essential steps to goal setting that will help you achieve your goals in 2022. Just remember to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound when setting your goals, adjust goal timelines based on progress, create accountability for yourself, and avoid goal traps. And most importantly, celebrate your successes along the way!

If you're still feeling a little stuck, here are some goal setting prompts to help get you started:

- What are your top three priorities for the year?

- What do you want to achieve in your personal life?

- What do you want to achieve in your professional life?

- What do you want to achieve in your health and fitness?

- What do you want to achieve in your financial life?

- What do you want to achieve in your spiritual life?

Happy goal setting! :)

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